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rpo code description
1YZ87 Corvette Sport Coupe
AG9 Six Way Power Seat, L/H Bucket
AU3 Power Door Locks
CC1 Removable Glass Roof Panels
C49 Rear Window Defogger
DG7 Electric Sport Mirrors
K35 Cruise Control
L83 5.7 Liter (350ci) CFI V8
MX0 Automatic Transmission with Overdrive
QXH White Letter SBR Tires, P255/60R15
U75 Power Antenna
UN5 AM-FM Stereo Radio, etr w/ Cassette & CB
U81 Dual Rear Speakers

exterior color code
59 Silver Beige Metallic
interior color code
591 Silver Beige Leather

Make:   Chevrolet
Model:   Corvette Collector Edition
Transmission:   Automatic
Mileage:   42,975 (Actual)
Engine:   350 ci L83 (#'s Match)
VIN:   1G1AY0789C5110375
about the dealership
Seven Hills Motorcars is Cincinnati's premier Corvette specialist and a licensed and registered auto dealer by the State of Ohio.  With many years of focused experience we specialize in 1957 to 1982 Corvettes and other GM classics.  There is no other dealership that can better meet your needs if you would like to buy, sell, or just find out more information about your Corvette, Cadillac, Camaro, or Trans Am.  Founded in 2005, this is a very focused operation.  We do it because we enjoy it.  We are a collectors and enthusiasts; therefore we look for cars that excite us.  We do not purchase at dealer auctions; each car is hand picked because it is special or rare and because we like it. 
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Seven Hills Motorcars, Inc.
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vehicle description



Seven Hills Motorcars is very proud to offer this completely numbers matching 1982 Collector Edition Corvette in spectacular condition with only 42,975 actual miles. This car is by far one of the nicest Collector Edition Corvettes on the market and truly an investment grade C3. The term "original" gets used a lot in the Corvette community, but rarely is it true. This Corvette is one of those rare opportunities where original is truly a fitting description. Looking at this car, the paint is appears almost too nice to be original, however we have seen no evidence of paintwork anywhere on the car and really believe that the paint and body are untouched from the factory. Also original on the car is the entire interior, all exterior decals, all major engine components, entire emissions system, wheels, the exhaust is stamped "82," and even the original tires are included (The tires currently installed on the car are newer Goodyears, the original tires would no longer be safe on the road due to age and included simply for preservation sake). Everything on the car works including the a/c, check engine light, cruise control, and power antenna. This Corvette seems like it would be a great candidate for a Bloomington Survivor Award. The 1982 Collector Edition has been steadily increasing in value for the past few years and is an excellent investment. The very low original mileage is verified not only by the condition of the car, but also extensive service records and the clear Ohio title, pictured below, showing the mileage as "Actual." Please peruse all of the photos, video, list of numbers, and other information below to get a true sense of clean, correct, and spectacular this Corvette really is.

We purchased this Corvette from a gentleman in southern Ohio. He was a definite Corvette enthusiast with four Corvettes among the other classics in his collection. Along with this 1982 Collector Edition we purchased a 1978 Pace Car with 23,000 miles from the same owner so he had very good taste in cars. We actually drove brought the Pace Car back on a trailer and drove this Collector Edition back, which was over an hour drive. During the trip is was completely reliable, operated impeccably with no issues, and was an absolute pleasure to drive.

The car comes with extensive original documentation including the original window sticker, verifying all of the highly desirable original options like the CB radio, original dealer order, owner's manual, etc. Thankfully, the previous owners of this car were very meticulous and kept detailed and copious service and maintenance records dating back to about 25 years. The receipts we have for the car total over $8,000. This is not only a benefit because of the information it provides about the service history of the car and a great representation of good and careful ownership over the years, but also a great benefit to the verification of the very low original mileage. On March 8, 1990 an old title shows the car with 34,338 miles. There is a receipt from June 14, 1990 showing the mileage at 34,410. On May 26, 1993 a receipt shows the car with 34,403 miles. A receipt from May 20, 1994 for service shows the car with 37,038 miles. There is a receipt from May 16, 1995 showing the car with 37,814 miles. There are documents showing the mileages: May 14, 1999 at 40,075, July 17. 2001 at 40,506, April 2, 2004 at 41,037, March 13, 2007 at 41,467, July 18, 2009 at 41,929, June 28, 2010 at 42,052, November 29, 2011 at 42,518, and November 19, 2012 at 42,835. The records confirm the mileage and show it increasing slowly as the car was driven sparingly over the years.

As a side note, this Corvette is not a dealer auction vehicle. We hand pick each car after careful inspection. Our Corvettes come from owners who expect their cars to go to someone that will give the vehicle the same care and attention as they did. We invite and encourage you to examine the car in person or have the car inspected. Please take the time to scrutinize each picture. We photograph each vehicle to the greatest extent so you can feel confident about your purchase. If you have a question about the Corvette, just give us a call.


model description


This is an authentic and original Collector Edition Corvette verified by the special trim codes and special VIN code, both pictured below. A "0" in the sixth digit of the VIN is exclusive to Collector Editions.

The 1982 was not only the final year of the third generation Corvette, it was truly the end of an era. It was the last of the "Mako Shark" body style first introduced in 1968, which has become the most famous and recognizable Corvette design to date. First available in the 1981 Corvettes, a new weight saving and performance enhancing fiberglass leaf spring became standard on the rear suspension in all 1982 Corvettes. This model year marked the end of the most prolific era for Corvette and history will always hold a special place for the 1982 Corvette.

To honor the special in history that GM knew the 1982 Corvette would hold Chevrolet decided to release a special "Collector Edition." It differed from the normal Corvette in many ways. In addition to the higher level of standard features, the Collector Edition had a lifting frameless glass hatchback with remote release, special silver-beige paint, graduated hood and side body decals, commemorative aluminum wheels styled similarly to the 1967 "bolt on" optional wheels, accent pin striping, multi-tone silver-beige leather seats and door trim, leather wrapped steering wheel and horn cap, cloisonné exterior and interior emblems, and luxury carpeting were all exclusive to the Collector Edition and not available on the standard model. The 1982 Corvette Collector Edition was the first Corvette to have a base price over $20,000.00.



Please note when checking the numbers that not only do the correct stampings and casting numbers appear on the parts, but all of the dates are also chronologically correct.  This means that all of the parts were made and assembled in the correct order.  For example, all of the dates for the individual engine components and the engine casting date should obviously precede the assembly date of the engine because the parts had to be produced before they could be assembled.  All of the parts I checked follow this rule and are dated correctly. 


item number description*
VIN 1G1AY0789C5110375 The first digit, "1," indicates that the US is the country of origin. The "G" is the manufacturer, GM. The third digit, "1," is the make, Chevrolet. The fourth digit, "A," is the restraint system, manual belts. The fifth digit, "Y," is the series, Corvette. The six and seventh digit "07" is the body style, hatchback coupe, which indicates that this is an true Collector Edition. The eighth digit "0" is the engine, L83. The ninth digit is a check that car vary from car to car. The tenth digit, "C" is the model year, 1982. The "5" is the plant where the car was produced, Bowling Green. The last five digits are a sequence number so this is the 10,374th Corvette made for the 1982 model year.
Body Build Date C 03E "C" means this is for the 1982 model year. The "03" is the third month of the year, and the "E" is the fifth week of the month meaning this car was built during the fifth week of March 1982.
Engine Code V0324 "V" means the engine was build in the Flint, MI plant.  The "03" is the third month of year and the "24" is the twenty-fourth day of the month meaning the engine was assembled on March 24, 1982. 
Suffix Code ZBA This means the motor was intended for an L83 with an automatic transmission, which is correct for this car.
Engine VIN Stamping 110375 The last 6 digits of the car's VIN, 110375, are stamped on the engine pad meaning this engine is original to this car.  
Engine Block Casting Number 14010207 The engine block has the correct 14010207 casting number.
Engine Block Casting Date C 2 2 "C" is March, the first "2" is the second day of the month, and the second "2" indicates the last digits of the calendar year so the engine block was cast on Mrach 2, 1982, which is correct as it predates the assembly date of the engine.
Intake Manifold Casting Number 14013322 The aluminum intake manifold is correct for the Cross Fire Fuel Injection with a 14031372 casting number.
Distributor 1103479 The distributor is correct with 1103479 stamped on the housing.
Distributor Date Code 2 C 6 The "2" is the last digit of the calendar year, the "C" denotes March, and "6" is the sixth day of the month meaning the distributor was made on March 6, 1982.  This is correct as it predates the build dates of the engine.
Front Fuel Injector 17080204 The front throttle body fuel injector is correct for a Rochester 400 used on the front of the Cross Fire system with a 17082053 stamping.
Rear Fuel Injector 1998217 The front throttle body fuel injector is correct for a Rochester 400 used on the front of the Cross Fire system with a 17082053 stamping.
Driver Window LV "L" is March and "V" is 1982 so this window is original, made in March of 1982.  This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
Passenger  Window LV "L" is March and "V" is 1982 so this window is original, made in March of 1982.  This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
Rear  Window LV "L" is March and "V" is 1982 so this window is original, made in March of 1982.  This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
Left T-Top LV "L" is March and "V" is 1982 so this T-Top is original, made in March of 1982.  This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
Right T-Top LV "L" is March and "V" is 1982 so this T-Top is original, made in March of 1982.  This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.

 *All information obtained from Alan A. Colvin's Corvette by the Numbers and Mike Antonick's Corvette Black Book.  





The Silver Beige exterior is in gorgeous driver condition. As one can see in the photos the finish has dazzling gloss, deep shine, and smooth glass-like finish. We believe this to be actual original paint, there is no paint on the trim tag, we have seen no paint lines anywhere on the car, the decals appear original, and we have seen on evidence of paintwork. As stated above the paint almost seems too nice to be original as C3 paintjobs do not age well. However, 1982 was the first year for full production out of the new factory in Bowing Green. This means that this Corvette was one of the first to receive a true multistage base coat clear coat paintjob, which is why it has held up so well over the years. Often many corvettes will have particularly chipped up front ends, this car does not. The underside of the front end, which is a very fragile and venerable area of the car, is in good condition as evidenced by the photos. Also, please not in the underside photos a specific picture of there original part number stamp and chalk markings on these parts. Both doors open and shut nicely and fit well, as do the hood and headlights which exhibit good body panel fit. Both bumpers have not shrunken, are not wavy, and also fit well to the car. There are no major scratches, scrapes, or other imperfections that have been excluded from the photos. As would be expected with any paintjob that is 33 years old there may be some very small blemishes and age to the paint that is too faint to show up in photos, but nothing that is really noticeable from about five or ten feet away. The previous owner just installed new lift struts for the rear hatch, which keep the heavy glass up with no problem and also pushes it back a bit when it is closed so it needs a hand when opening to get the striker around the latch and opening. The original Collector Edition wheels are in great condition with no curb rash. The tires appear to have have about 90% tread left. This Corvette has absolutely NO rust issues. Along with the many photos of the underside of the car we have taken specific photos of the area on the frame most prone to rust to show how clean it is.

Window Date Codes

Please note that all of the side glass, rear window, and even both T-Tops on this car are date coded and original as each piece predates the car's body build date of the fifth week in March 1982 (03E). Original glass is a good indication that this car has had no major accident history and never sustained significant damage.

The Corvette looks just as good in person as it does in the photos.



The Silver Beige Leather interior of the Corvette looks truly superb and appears to be totally original. The original seats look excellent with no rips, split seems, or signs of excessive wear. Please note that these are the original seats not some cheap aftermarket covers or replacements. The carpet is also in great condition with no stains, rips, or holes. This includes the rear carpet, which is often neglected. The carpet on the door panels is in good shape and not faded. All of the carpet in the car is original. The door panels themselves are in good condition, fit well to the doors, and the door pulls are in tact. The dash and center console look good with no splits, sun fading, or cracks. The original radio works well and correct goes into all the modes, AM, FM, and CB radio. The gauge faces are clean and crisp and the gauge lenses are crystal clear. The jack and jack handle are still present and stowed behind the passenger seat, pictured below showing the original stickers on the compartment lid. The original T-Top storage bags are not pictured, but are included with the car. This Collector Edition has never been smoked in, there are no burns marks and no aroma of cigarettes at all. Corvette interiors are not known to wear well and the excellent condition of this amazingly original interior is a huge testament to the meticulous care this car has received throughout it's life. Even very detailed items that are almost always broken or shabby are not on this car; details such as the finger pulls for the rear storage compartment and the fit of the center gauge cluster with the shifter console and down to the parking brake console. It is extras nice to see this interior in such good shapes as the 1892 Collector Edition interior is just bout the most expensive Corvette interior to restore.

Even the power antenna works as one can see in the video. It is particularly important that the power antenna works on this Corvette as it is a factory CB radio car. Corvettes equipped with the CB radio came with a special power antenna that is different than the power antenna found on the normal Corvette. It is easily identified by the small plastic bulge about half way up that is visible in the video. It is especially important that antenna works on this car because the CB style power antennas are no longer available and almost impossible to find at any price. Also, the popular rebuild kit for the Corvette power antenna does not work on the CB radio antenna version so if the CB antenna is broken there is no available repair.

The interior looks just as good in person as it does in the photos.


This Corvette seems to be in very good mechanical condition. The car starts right away every time, runs well, and idles well. The car drives terrifically; it is feels good on the road and at highway speeds. In the video below one can observe the car accelerating on the highway up to about 70mph and then braking to stoplight. Please note that there are no strange noises, vibrations, and the car performs quite well. As stated above, this car just completed an hour long road trip with no issues at all. The transmission shifts well throughout the power band. The brakes are responsive and do not pull to one side or the other. This Corvette has plenty of power and is quite fast. Also, the engine compartment is beautifully clean, detailed, and original as one can see in the photos. The car has not been modified or molested and such items as the original smog pump, emissions system, and catalytic converter are all still working and in place. The horn works as do all the exterior lights, all gauges, wipers, power windows, power mirrors in all directions, blower for the heater and a/c on all speeds, the power antenna works (which is a common problem on C3's), the power door locks (which is a another common problem on C3's), the a/c compressor clicks on as one can see in the video and the blows cold, even the cruise control works. Please note very detailed items that most buyers do not even know to look for are functional on this Corvette such as the interior delay light timer and the small light by the spare tire still work. The vacuum system for the headlights works correctly with no binding. Also, the headlights go up correctly with either the headlight switch or vacuum override switch. Their complete operation from both switches can be observed in the video below. Not enough can be said as to how much of a pleasure it is to drive this car, especially with the T-tops out on a beautiful day.

Also, for any 1982 Corvette you may look at, be sure to verify that the "check engine" light is working correctly. The light should go on when the key is turned on as a confirmation that the light is working, then quickly go off when the car is started. A great number of these 1982 Corvettes have had the bulb removed to mask other problems. As one can observe in the video below the "check engine" light on this car operates just as it should, going on with the car as a check and then going off when started.

The car runs and drivers as well as it looks.



Overall, this 1980 Corvette is in excellent driver condition. A classic is only original once and originally cannot be duplicated for any amount of money. The trend in the classic car market in recent years has been away from fully restored examples and towards those that are original. Numbers matching and originality is extremely important in Corvette pricing and as one can see this car is very original and correct. The collector and anniversary edition Corvettes have always been even more collectible and desirable than their normal counterparts, which has definitely proven true for the 1982 Collector Edition. In our experience the 1982 Collector Edition in particular has been on the rise and has almost caught up to the iconic Pace Car Editions. The last model year of any body style Corvette always holds a premium.

The amazingly well cared for original condition, extensive service records, the very low miles, the desirable model, and the great extent to which the numbers match make this car especially important and difficult to duplicate. This Corvette always gets a ton of attention driving down the road. It is very apparent that the vehicle has been well taken care of by its previous owners. The prices of C3 Corvettes have increased drastically over the past years, especially for premium examples like this car. They are secure and wise investments for a collector. One could easily enjoy this vehicle for several years and sell it for more than the purchase price with minimal effort.


Thank you for looking and please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions.


vehicle video


For a sixteen minute video of the car starting, running, a walk around, function check, and test drive on the road and highway please visit:
http://youtu.be/Bowz83-RKko .


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