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4 Speed Manual
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4-Speed, STUNNING CONDITION, Mille Miglia Red/Black Leather, PRICED TO SELL


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Seven Hills Motorcars is proud to offer this beautiful low mileage 1973 Corvette Stingray Coupe in fantastic condition with the Muncie 4-Speed manual transmission. This Corvette looks absolutely amazing with a stunning Mille Miglia Red paintjob, runs great, and drives awesome. It has only 68,860 original miles. The Mille Miglia Red (976) over Black Leather (404) color combination is highly desirable, truly striking, and looks great on this Corvette body style. It is also the correct and original color scheme as verified by the codes on the trim tag, which is pictured in this ad.

This Stingray is loaded with popular options such as power steering, power brakes, tilt and telescopic steering column, leather interior, 4-speed transmission, and the very rare rear window defroster.

We have this car priced to sell and are offering an excellent opportunity to own a very desirable Corvette at an unbeatable value. One could easily buy this car now and sell it for more than the purchase price in years to come as the market on early C3 Corvettes is very hot right now and on the rise, this is especially true for the 1973 model year as it was a one year only body style. The low original mileage is verified not only by the condition of the car, but also the clear Ohio title pictured in the ad that shows the mileage as “Actual.” Please peruse all of the photos, video, and other information below to get a true sense of how nice this Corvette really is.

As a side note, this Corvette is not a dealer auction vehicle. We hand pick each car after careful inspection. Our Corvettes come from owners who expect their car to go to someone that will give the vehicle the same care and attention as they did. We invite and encourage you to examine the car in person or have the car inspected. Please take the time to scrutinize each picture. We photograph each vehicle to the greatest extent so you can feel confident about your purchase. If you have a question about the Corvette, just give us a call.

Model Description

The 1973 Corvette was truly the end of an era. 1973 was the last year to feature a chrome bumper and is considered by some to be the last year of truly classic Corvettes. Model years after were more at the mercy of insurance companies, fuel prices, and emission concerns, 1973 is considered the last "good" year by many enthusiasts. The 1973 model year is also considered a special and different year for Corvette enthusiasts as it was the only model to have chrome in the back and a rubber bumper in the front. It is representative of the transition Corvette was making at the time. As in investment, the 1973 will always have an advantage and out perform other years because of its precedence as the end of a a very great period for Corvette and muscle cars as a whole.


The Mille Miglia Red exterior is in spectacular driver condition. As one can see in the photos, the finish has dazzling gloss, deep shine, and smooth finish. Both doors open and shut nicely. The chrome and other bright look great with a brilliant finish. The wheels and center caps are in excellent condition, please note that this Corvette still has the correct and original 4-clip style beauty rings, not the cheap foreign made replacements. The Goodyear Eagle GTII tires have about 90% of tread left and are correctly sized 225/70R15. There are a few very tiny blemishes and touch-ups around car that were too small to show up in pictures, but nothing else that is really noticeable from about five feet away. As one can see in the many photos of the underside this car is very clean underneath and has NO RUST ISSUES at all. The frame is totally solid around the "key hole" area in front of the rear tire and we have seen no evident of corrosion around the windshield or “birdcage” area, which is the most common spots for rust on a C3 Corvette. We have included specific photos of the areas most prone to rust to show how nice this car looks.

Window Date Codes

XU – All of the windows are date coded “XU.” The “X” is the month of production, February, and the “U” is the last digit of the calendar year, 3. So all of the windows on this Chevrolet are dated from February of 1973.

Please note all of the glass on this Corvette, both "Astro Ventilation" door windows, the rear window, and even the windshield, are original as each piece predates the car's body build date of March 19, 1973 (H19). Original glass is a good indication that this car has had no major accident history and never sustained significant damage.


The Black interior of the Corvette is in excellent condition. The seats look just in person as they do in the photos with no excessive wear. There is just a small amount of normal wear in the common spot on the bead on the driver's bolster. Please note that these appear to be the original seats and skins, not some cheap aftermarket replacements or covers. The carpet is in also in great condition with no stains or rips. This includes the rear carpet, which is often neglected. The gauge faces are clean and crisp and the lenses are clear. The original radio works and most importantly the dash has never been cut or modified for an aftermarket installation. The dash and console are in great shape with no cracks, fading, or sun damage. The spare is still with the car. This Corvette has never been smoked in; there are no burns marks and no aroma of cigarettes. Corvette interiors from this era are not known to wear well and the excellent condition of this interior is a huge testament to the meticulous care and attention this car has received throughout its life.

We usually receive questions about the chrome knob on the left side of the center console near where the driver's knee would be. Many think it is an aftermarket switch, but it is actually a very rare factory option for the rear window defroster. There is also a vent on the left side near the rear window that blows air on the back glass. There are two speeds for the defroster and it still works correctly.


This Corvette seems to be in very good mechanical condition. The engine starts right away every time, runs well, and idles smooth. It drives great and feels nice on the road and at highway speeds. In the video below one can observe the car accelerating on the highway up to about 70mph, shifting through all the gears, braking to stoplight, and going through some curves. Please note that there are no vibrations or strange noises and the car performs quite well overall. The brakes are responsive and do not pull to one side or the other. The transmission shift well, the shifter is tight, does not pop out of gear, and the clutch feels good. The car runs cool and does not overheat. The gauge shows that the engine makes great oil pressure. Also, the engine compartment is beautifully clean and detailed as one can see in the photos.

The horn works as do all the exterior lights, dash lights, indicators, wipers, and original radio. All of the gauges work and even the clock runs. The blower for the heater works on all speeds. The entire vacuum system for the headlights and wiper door works properly from both their respective switches on the dash and the override switches. They go up quickly, evenly, and with no binding in the mechanism. The entire operation from both switches can be viewed in the video. Please note that even very detailed items like the seat belt buzzer works correctly, the buzzer and light on the dash go on when the key is on and they go off when the seat belt is extended or if the parking brake is applied. One can see the seat belt buzzer working in the video. Not enough can be said as to how much of a pleasure it is to drive this car, especially with the 4-Speed transmission and the T-Tops out on a beautiful day.

Overall Condition

Overall, this 1973 Corvette looks fantastic. The value of third generation Corvettes has increased dramatically in recent times; this is especially true for the 1973 model year. They are solid and wise investments for a collector. 1973 was a very special and one year only body style for Corvette that is always recognizable with the newer and smoother front end treatment with the classic chrome bumpers on the back. While this is not an NCRS Top Flight or Bloomington Gold car, it is a very nice driver quality Stingray and a great car for the money. One could easily enjoy this vehicle for several years and sell it for more than the purchase price with minimal effort.

Thank you for looking and please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions.


Engine Size


Body Color
Mille Miglia Red (976)
Body Style


Corvette Stingray


Interior Color
Black Leather (404)
Seat Material
exterior color code
976 Mille Miglia Red
interior color code
404 Black Leather








rpo code description
1YZ37 Corvette Sport Coupe
--- Factory Custom Interior (Leather) Trim
C50 Rear Window Defroster
J50 Power Brakes
L48 350ci V8 Engine
M20 Muncie 4-Speed Manual Transmission
N37 Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column
N40 Power Steering
QRZ White Letter Tires
UF1 Map Light on Rear View Mirror
U69 AM-FM Radio
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